The Wasteland awaits
Shelter War:
Last City
Game’s a blast, awesome graphics. Plannin' to move up to Level 8 next week.
Mr Shadow
918 reviews
Build your Shelter. More than 30 different rooms at your disposal.
Shelter War is a post-apocalyptic economic strategy game with RPG elements.
Complete first-person quests. Unique 3D mode!
Deep narrative, a great number of factions, unique...
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out of 5
918 reviews
And the dog too!
Great game. A perfect example of its genre. My whole family got hooked on this one!
August 15
Quite good!
Wonderful game! Devs managed to take a popular genre and turn it into something different, with its own new features, plot, and heart! I suggest everyone give this one a try!
August 25
Mr. Shadow
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